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Universal Portal to Digital Assets
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Summon Trust to the Edges
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Put Control in Your Hands

The Universal Portal to Digital Assets

With asymmetric cryptography in a tangible interface – a physical card – Tangem has made access to digital assets inclusive, simple and secure.

Tangem is creating breakthrough solutions across finance, identity and anti-counterfeit.


Summon Trust to the Edges

Tangem is “tangible” proof in a trustless society. Together, we can create a new era of trust. 

Tangem built the shortest chain of trust between you and the ledger, bypassing middlemen, eliminating heavy infrastructure, and reducing attack surface. All delivered through the simplicity of a card. 


Put Control in Your Hands

With its chip-to-chain technology, Tangem has created a customizable platform for all your needs, from crypto wallets to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

With the capability of a Hardware Security Module and passive NFC power, Tangem cards hand over irrevocable control to you, the rightful owner.

Tangem knows that there can be no tradeoff between privacy, security, and accessibility.

Our world moves at increasing pace.

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Tangem's Revolutionary Chip

Tangem’s Chip-to-chain technology is the result of 10+ years of highly specialized research and development. We have succeeded in bringing the power of blockchain to the physical world in a chip. Rock solid trust.



How Tangem works


Tangem’s first application was in the cryptocurrency sector, pioneering cards for cryptocurrencies as self-custody instruments. These cards highlight the limitless possibilities of the chip-to-chain technology. They are currently sold directly on shop.tangem.com and by selected partners.

Since delivering this the card to market, Tangem has worked with leading financial services and technology companies to create practical, tangible products and bring about a more meaningful, secure, and inclusive era.

Tangem operates globally with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and operations in San Francisco, Philippines, Dubai, Hong Kong and Moscow.

Work with Tangem

Tangem works with governments, system integrators, financial institutions, digital asset issuers, exchanges and wallets, industry partners and retail delivering financial, identity and anti-counterfeit solutions.

Inquire about working together at [email protected]

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