Counterfeit products result in billions of dollars of lost revenue each year. The global pharmaceutical industry alone deals with $75 to $100 billion in counterfeit products annually. In the European luxury good market, 10% of all items are counterfeit, representing approximately $28 billion in lost sales.

Companies have been battling counterfeiting for years, investing time and resources to protect consumers from the risk of fake pharmaceuticals and defective parts. When it comes to counterfeit pharmaceuticals, the consequences are fatal.

Until now, companies have had to fight this battle in the dark. Counterfeiters are clever, and fragmented data, networks and sourcing arrangements make it difficult to trace and authenticate products. Provable authenticity is critical to saving lives and establishing confidence in a brand.

From pharmaceuticals to luxury goods, Tangem cards and tags can guarantee the authenticity and provenance of a product all the way from the factory floor to the consumer’s hands.


New Sales

Shift the burden of proving authenticity to Tangem, leaving your sales team free to focus on sales.


Prove provenance, chain of ownership and more, without the need to set up complex infrastructure.

After Sales

Maintain provenance even after your products leave the factory.

Online Shopping

With Tangem, online shoppers can verify authenticity and physical ownership of products without relying on a third party. These “trustless” transactions are essential to conducting business with unknown partners. Tangem tags can prove ownership of any product listing by the seller, agent, or online store.


Provable ownership means secure and provable provenance for collectibles and unique items. Tangem enables anyone to instantly authenticate collectibles anywhere and at any time. Universal and accessible proof of authenticity unlocks secondary market liquidity, while simultaneously stimulating primary sales and brand awareness.

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