Tangem Tap

Tangem ‘Tap’ is a convenient app that helps you access your Tangem cards easily. Once downloaded, simply tap the card and NFC technology will enable you to check your balance and manage your crypto—from holding to transfers, all with rock-solid security you can trust.

Tangem Development Kit

Tangem works with developers and system integrators who build solutions for CBDC, payment systems, identity and authenticity. The Tangem Development Kit works in conjunction with Tangem Developer cards as a foundational platform for developers to build on our stack.
Available upon request

Tangem Take

The Tangem “Take” app enables any business or merchant to simply receive payments with digital assets held safely by Tangem cards. A simple tap to the app allows transfer from one address to another on any of the supported ledgers.
Available upon request

Tangem ID

Tangem ID works in conjunction with the Tangem ID card – a trusted and accessible digital credential wallet. Access self sovereign identity here.
Available upon request

Thrive With Tangem

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