Closed Loop Payments

Tangem is bringing convenience, inclusiveness, and trust to the fintech sector with financial self-custody – a decentralized, closed loop system for storing and transferring assets. A closed loop payment system enables its end-points to pay each other directly by authorizing transactions across that decentralized system. All an end-point needs is a digital wallet to hold, send and receive assets.

Tangem’s card-based solution is the most user-friendly wallet.  From the user’s perspective, it works like a stored value card, but it is also peer-to-peer. Tangem’s focus is financial inclusion, and the technology is designed for frictionless onboarding. Familiar purchase process, no smartphone needed.

Benefits for Program Managers

  • Growth Acceleration – turn an untapped market into a loyal customer base.
  • Digital asset distribution
  • Limitless supported asset types and delivery channels
  • Financial inclusion – no smartphone needed!
  • Enable everyone to participate in the digital economy
  • Light infrastructure
  • Launch fast, without legacy infrastructure like deposit accounts
  • Lead the shift to digital assets

Cardholder Experience​

  • Simple
    • Zero onboarding learning curve: Load it, hold it, tap to spend
  • Accessible
    • Access to the economy, without owning a smartphone
  • Secure
    • Guaranteed security and no burden of key management

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