Identity fraud is the most commonly committed crime in the USA, and with more and more businesses moving online, the problem is only increasing. Identity is no longer just driver licenses and passports, but also all the unique data we provide to banks, businesses, and governments. Until now, products to protect identity have fallen short, compromising security for accessibility while spawning fragmented and incompatible solutions.
Tangem’s tamper-proof digital identity solution allows users to own their digital identity with confidence. It guarantees secure and private storage of all personal data by combining accountability, resilience, and total control, all packaged in the simplicity of an NFC-enabled card.

Tangem ID: Own Your Identity

  • Users have complete control with a trusted, card-based solution to receive, hold and present credentials – a true Sovereign-Self ID (SSI) solution
  • Less liability and improved compliance for the organization
  • A privacy-first solution that allows for selective disclosure of identity data
  • Secure, individually controlled ID for everyone, because in our distributed, heterogeneous society there is still only one you.

Use Cases and Applications

  • Closed Loop issuance verification
  • Special situation credentials such as COVID-19 test results, event ticketing, or refugee identity tracking
  • Government issued credentials
  • Spendable credentials such as voter registration

Tangem is the Right Choice

  • W3C Decentralised Identifier (DID)
  • Verifiable Credential (VC) conformance
  • Inclusive – no need for an expensive smartphone
  • It works offline
  • Accessible with off-the-shelf NFC devices
  • Secure
  • Interoperable
  • Zero learning curve
  • Increased privacy, less risk

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