Open Loop Payments (EMV)

Tangem enables direct acceptance of digital currency over EMV, by creating the crucial missing link between emerging digital currencies and existing payment infrastructure. Our proprietary chip-to-chain solution is a self-contained wallet, securely storing digital assets in the cardholder’s hands.

The cardholder transacts with a tap of the card on any standard POS, initiating a real-time transfer of digital assets to the Tangem gateway. The transaction is later settled in accordance with PNO. The digital assets transfer authorization, by means of a cryptographic signature, is sent on top of the 4 party network system, in compliance with ISO 8583.

Tangem EMV cards unlock new opportunities for program managers:

  • Programmable money
  • Enhance liquidity of digital assets
  • Ride over existing infrastructure
  • Issue cards without depository accounts
  • Increased security and success rate of CNP (Card Not Present) transactions

Global Acceptance

Tangem’s EMV certified card opens the door to millions of merchant locations worldwide, irrespective of the nature of the digital assets carried within the cards. Any existing EMV POS accepts Tangem EMV cards without any change, effectively allowing merchants to accept previously unreachable pools of money.

Licensed issuers benefit from introducing Tangem EMV cards into their offering, enabling product innovation and new segment exploitation for program managers.

Digital Currency in a Card

The Tangem card is a fully self-contained digital wallet, supporting stablecoins, cryptocurrency, tokenized securities, commodities and CBDC.

Assets can be stored through programmable architectures, such as multi-signatory wallets, to enable self-custody, shared custody, recovery and/or regulatory compliance.

Tangem cards handle the core function of a wallet, thus enabling peer-to-peer transactions. Cardholders can send money directly to peers like friends, family and merchants, without the need of owning a smartphone.

One Card, Two Rails

Tangem offers a modular, extendable, end-to-end, turn-key solution, that plugs into existing payment processing via ISO8583 standard.

A Tangem EMV card can authorize payments in both open loop (EMV) and closed loop (P2P) systems. It is one single wallet capable of cross-rail transactions.

With Tangem, payment authorization and user authentication converge seamlessly into a secure user experience, effectively blurring the lines between CP and CNP.

1 + 1 is More than 2

Tangem dramatically increases the payment network’s utility by enabling any EMV terminal to receive payments from whichever token the card is supporting. In addition, any NFC-capable smartphone can accept the same token.

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